The Lost Supreme

SOON TO BE A MOTION PICTURE starring Terry Dexter as The Lost Supreme and Jon Heder as Author Peter Benjaminson. Based on extensive interviews with Florence Ballard. Published by Chicago Review Press Lawrence Hill Books. NOW IN PAPERBACK!
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The Supremes were the most successful female vocal group in history. Of the three original members--Diana Ross, Mary Wilson, and Florence Ballard--two have told their life stories in bestselling books.


Only Florence Ballard, the spunky teenager who founded the group, has remained silent. Until now.

Florence Ballard, known to her friends as Flo or “Blondie,” died in 1976. Diana and Mary attended her tumultuous funeral. But in the months before she died, Flo told her own side of the Supremes story---and the story of her entire life---to Peter Benjaminson, who recorded Flo’s words on tape. In this book, for the first time, is Flo Ballard’s entire heartbreaking tale, revealing:


  • The surprising identity of the man who brutally raped the young Flo before she entered the music business;


  • The details of the love-hate relationship between Flo and Motown Records Czar Berry Gordy, including details of their first and only date;


  • Flo's serious drinking problem and her ignored pleas for treatment for her alcoholism;


  • Flo’s never-ending desire to be the Supremes’ lead singer, the support thousands of fans gave her, Diana Ross’s successful struggle to prevent this, and much much more. 
      Flo Ballard traveled around the world in luxury, chatting with royalty and heads of state, applauded by millions. Long after her death, a fictional version of her life was portrayed by Actress Jennifer Hudson in the movie "Dreamgirls."  But when Flo's life ended, at the age of 32, she was a mother of three who had only recently escaped from welfare.  The purpose of this book is to explain how this happened.
  •  Peter Benjaminson is the author of the books Investigative

    Reporting (with Dave Anderson), Death in the Afternoon, Publish Without Perishing, Secret Police and The Story of Motown.  He has worked as a reporter for the Detroit Free Press and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and now lives in New York City.